Electro fishing devices - HERON


The HERON® is an electric fishing device which can be used for ring anode fishing in waters ranging from 15 to 2000 μS /cm. This makes the HERON® suitable for all types of fishing in all fresh water situations. Thanks to the flexibility of these settings it's perfect for researchers and professionals who work in varying aquatic environments with very different species of fish. It is equipped with several electronic disjunction systems that make it very reliable.


Cover and boxes in reinforced polyester with stainless steel frame fitted with wheels with wide tires for an easy handling

Box and frame can be easily separate for use by boat and frame may be used to transport effortlessly unwinding.

Compliance with the European law and the French decree of February 2, 1989 and specific power supply connectors preventing connection to the mains or to a generator does not comply.

Short flexible antenna, removable. 
Actual fished time counter in hours minutes and seconds, with reset.

® Registered Trademark of  DREAM Electronique