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Shared accessories to all types of electro-fishing devices: MARTIN PECHEUR®, HERON®, AIGRETTE®...

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Magnets for glove

4,38 € (including 20 % tax)

Transmitter antenna

The type (M,L or backpack ) varies according to frequency used by the transmitter.

Product Details...

Receiver antenna

Receiving antenna for electro-fishing devices type HERON ® ou AIGRETTE ®.

Product Details...

Rotating ring, 3-pin plug

9,91 € (including 20 % tax)

Cap for socket and mutiple socket

22,43 € (including 20 % tax)

5m cable for manual remote control

Cable connecting the contact handle to CPU or to remote control winder. 

Product Details...

3m cable for 2nd cathode

74,41 € (including 20 % tax)

Bulk cable

cable ordered by meter.

Product Details...

Connection cable (3m) for cathode

66,11 € (including 20 % tax)

3-wire cable M/F

3-wire cable male-female to connect CPU to anode carrier stick or backpack transmitter to anode carrier stick.

Product Details...

Anode carrier stick with magnetic switch, 4-pin plug

New 4-pin plug for better strength: the anode carrier stick plug to connect anode cable has 4 contacts.

Product Details...

Anode carrier stick in polyester

Anode carrier stick for electro-fishing devices type HERON® or AIGRETTE®.

Product Details...

Cap knob with indicator

4,33 € (including 20 % tax)

Cap for anode carrier stick

Charger for transmitter

The type of charger, M or H, depends on the frequency used by the transmitter.

Product Details...

Time counter for door or front

143,62 € (including 20 % tax)

Display the actual fishing time

Product Details...

Spark plug spanner

14,40 € (including 20 % tax)

Spark plug spanner for HONDA engine.

Product Details...

Ring terminal for cathode

32,81 € (including 20 % tax)

Ring terminal (100)

19,54 € (including 20 % tax)

Vent for tailpipe

9,60 € (including 20 % tax)

Vent for tailpipe of HONDA engine.

Product Details...


Cable winder for anode, cathode and remote control.

Product Details...


Pipe and accessoiries to deflect exhaust gases and reduce engine noise.

Product Details...

Wing nut stainless steel

2,09 € (including 20 % tax)

Nut used to bolt the cathode electrode on the cathode cable or to bolt the anode electrode ring on the anode carrier stick.

Product Details...


Anode or cathode electrode

Product Details...

Radio remote control transmitter

Radio remote control for electro-fishing device type AIGRETTE® or HERON®.

Product Details...

Anode cable socket

50,54 € (including 20 % tax)

Socket for anode cable.

Product Details...

Remote control plug


Plug for single-wired cable, type anode carrier stick cable  for HERON ® or AIGRETTE ® or cathode cable for  MARTIN PECHEUR ®.

Product Details...

Fuse D1

7,52 € (including 20 % tax)

Safety splint 4mm

5,90 € (including 20 % tax)

Seal for plugs

2,15 € (including 20 % tax)


91,70 € (including 20 % tax)

Aluminium crank for cable winder of anode or remote control.

Product Details...

Snap hook

8,59 € (including 20 % tax)

Snap hook to pull anode cable connected to the MARTIN PECHEUR or to the backpack radio transmitter. It avoids while walking to pull directly on the connectors.

Product Details...

Pair of gloves

Pair of rubber gloves with or without magnet.

Product Details...

Rubber handle

9,31 € (including 20 % tax)

Rubber handle for HERON ® or AIGRETTE ® frame.

Product Details...

Helix gland for plugs

Multiple socket

Multiple socket used to fish with several anodes. 1 input and up to 4 outputs.

Product Details...

Extension cord (M-F)

Extension cord (male-female), cross section 2.5mm ² used between the CPU and the cable winder for cathode cathode or when electro-fishing with several anodes.

Product Details...

Radio remote control receiver

431,57 € (including 20 % tax)

Radio receiver unit for device type AIGRETTE ® or HERON ®. Depending on the frequency used, the CPU must be returned to us.

Product Details...

Puncture-proof wheel

Puncture-proof wheel for frame of device type HERON ® or AIGRETTE ®.

Product Details...

Back bag for transmitter

60,44 € (including 20 % tax)

Ergonomic back bag to carry the radio remote control transmitter when fishing with configurations # 1 and # 2.

Product Details...

Remote control by contact

Remote control by manual contact (button) or by foot (pedal). The remotes are connected by a cable to the transmitter or directly to the CPU type AIGRETTE ® or HERON ®.

Product Details...

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