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In all configurations, the basic equipment must include the HERON ®, a generator "specific for fishing", a winder for cathode cable, a cathode and an anode screwed on an anode carrier stick. The diversity of accessories allows fishing with a HERON ® in 5 different configurations (refer to synoptic diagrams).

Basic configuration of HERON set

For fisheries within a 180 m radius, we propose a remote control by cable. This system is the most reliable thanks to its hardiness. For that, must be added to the basic configuration, a winder for anode cable and its crank, a handle remote control by manual contact and a winder of 180 m for the remote control cable. Fishing with several anodes is possible (configuration #4).

Configuration #4 with a device type HERON: remote by hand contact

For fisheries within a 200m to 400m radius, just add winders for anode cable and for remote control cable or choose a remote control by radio (configuration #2 and #3)

Configuration #2 with a device type HERON: back pack remote with 2 anode carrier stick

Configuration #3 with a device type HERON: remote with magnetic switch

Other configurations are possible as fishing by boat (configuration #5), or electrofishing by HF remote control with only one anode and an anode carrier stick with a build-in magnetic switch controlled by magnetic gloves (configuration #1).

Configuration #5 with a device type HERON: boat configuration

Configuration #1 with a device type HERON: backpack remote with 1 anode carrier

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